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Rats took over this guy ‘s apartment, but it ‘s not what you think

When Ari is visited by creatures in the night, he must figure out the source of what ‘s eating holes through all of his things. Told through mixed media of original illustrations, stop motion, and “Drunk History ‘-style narration, RATS! is a hilarious episode for anyone familiar with their home being taken over by unwanted infestations.


On the spectrum of home pest infestations, rats are definitely close to the “please god no ‘ end, along with scorpions and anti-vaxxers. They ‘re big ‘ ‘more like small cats than mice ‘ they copulate like crazy, and, worst of all, not a single one I ‘ve spoken to has ever given me Splinter ‘s real-world location.

I much prefer Ari Frenkel ‘s version of rats as tiny, adorable homesteaders with a penchant for affordable, well-designed home accessories.

This tall tale comes to you via Ari Frenkel.


Created by, Written by & Starring
Ari Frenkel

Directed, Shot and Edited by
Evan Sorlien

Karl Girolamo
Fernando Martinez
Nancy La Scala
Stephen Guarino
Joe Conti
Alissa Garcia

Art and Illustrations by
Ari Frenkel

1st Assistant Director
Tiffany Van Goey

Produced by
Ari Frenkel and Evan Sorlien

Sound Mix by
Darren Augustus

Color by
Kaitlin Miller

Special Thanks to Katie Adler and Scott Ash

Music: ‘
‘Block Party ‘ by Chuck Brown

‘ 2018 A125 Productions, All Rights Reserved.

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