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Pokemon Names As Dirty Talk Is A Gift I Never Knew I Wanted

To celebrate the new Detective Pikachu movie, Lewberger made a stop motion music video to show all the ways to use Pokemon names as pick up lines. Ryan Reynolds would approve!


So many Pokemon names could be used for dirty talk it ‘s kind of mind-blowing. Purrloin. Poochyena. Swellow. Blitzle. I mean if you ‘re looking to Pignite her Quilava, look no more. And, ladies, if you ‘re tired of your man asking for a Vigoroth afternoon session in the country club bathroom Marshtomping his Hoothoot, ask him when the last time he Zigzagooned your Wurmple. Bet he won ‘t even remember.

But, yeah, Squirtling? Not a thing.

This spicy burrito comes to you via Lewberger.


Music and Lyrics by Keith Habersberger and Alex Lewis
Composition by Hughie Stone Fish
Music Production, Engineering, and Mixing by Jay Marcovitz
Additional Engineering and Production by Hughie Stone Fish
Mastering by Derek Snyder
Editing by Trae Budding
Disney Princess Additional Production and Engineering by Matt Richert, Dimitris Dodoras, Stephen Gunter
Additional Vocals by Yessica Hernandez-Cruz

Directed and Edited by Tony Maccio

Associate Producer – Lyle Wilson

Key Graphics by Geminic Blue Studio

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