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This Hilarious Tour Through Los Angeles Is Like No Other

Unfortunately not everyone has the means to explore the world and see the sights, but thankfully for all us poor folk out there, there ‘s travel shows! Those are just as good as the real experience, right?? Well, this one certainly is. Come join Mark Hayes as he explores the magical city of Los Angeles for the first time, it ‘s not only guaranteed fun, it ‘s educational! You ‘ll learn interesting things like:

  • The real history behind the famous Chinese Theatre
  • What are all of those stars along Hollywood Boulevard for? (It ‘s more grim than you think)
  • The best bushes to hide in like an absolute creep for spotting celebrities

And so much more! This is a private tour that money couldn ‘t buy.


Stand-up comedian and writer Mark Hayes hails from Cork, Ireland and has been chronicling his experiences in LA through more than just this hilarious parody. Along with his YouTube series RanDumb: The Adventures of an Irish Guy in LA, he ‘s also authored three books – RanDumb, RanDumb-er, and Pre-Dumb, all available on Amazon. And if you do ever get the chance to go to LA yourself, you can find him at the Hollywood Laugh Factory on Fridays during their Luck of the Irish show.

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