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What To Do When Your Party Game Goes Horribly, Horribly Wrong

Be wary of playing Heads Up ‘s “Accents & Impressions ‘ category today.


There possibly could be no greater party betrayal than breaking out a game that ‘s supposed to make everything more fun, only to have that game set you up for an unexpected case of foot-in-mouth and totally kill the vibe. In terms of best party games, there are better options out there (Mario Party for Switch is the forever champion in this category imo).

Because Heads Up! can definitely kill a party vibe, much to our satisfaction and evil gleeful laughter. Because maybe that ‘s not a bad thing. To, you know, bring to the surface stuff that people usually hide from, in order to have a decent conversation around it and better understand one another ‘ as long as you make sure it happens before everyone ‘s too drunk.

This party gone wrong comes to you via Never Sad.


Written by, directed by, and starring Jed Feiman & Nehemiah Markos
With Ransel Sangster, Ben Strate, Yedoye Travis, Leanne Velednitsky, and Nimene Wureh. Director of Photography: Adisa Duke
Sound by Ben Strate
Editing by Jed Feiman

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