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Don ‘t Play ‘Would You Rather ‘ With This Guy

We all have that one friend who takes the game too seriously…


Man, I don ‘t know about you but this one went to a dark, dark place. Like, hey bud, if you ‘re that committed to knowing what people think about something, maybe wait until they actually answer your question before you, you know, demonstrate the insane power of high speed objects creating holes in the human body.

I ‘m not saying that I don ‘t identify, at some level, with the guy ‘s frustration. Who among us hasn ‘t wondered about which would be truly worse? Penis-sized nipples or nipple-sized penis?

My thing is this: science is incredible. And the corrective measures needed to restore one ‘s nipples to nipple-sized nipples seem far far easier than the reverse scenario. So, at one level, these assholes in this party who will forever be traumatized by this horrific event, have no one to blame but themselves. But then again on another level, this dude is a motherfucking psycho who needs to learn to play with others.

And re: the question at the end: obviously I ‘d choose to always have to wear a winter jacket. Jackets are awesome.

This shocker comes to you via Wishful Genies.


Starring: Francesco Filice, Rob Michaels, Luke Mitchell, Fady Ghali, Arin Goswami
Written by: Rob Michaels
Filmed by: Youeel Attalla
Music composed by: Joseph Reitz

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