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Man Checks In A Single Beer Can On His Flight, Proves True Love Does Exist

There are heroes among us, often in the most unsuspecting places, but they ‘re there. You just have to know where to look. Like in an airport, for example. While this story isn ‘t quite the same caliber as the one about an absolute legend of a woman who chugged an entire bottle of cognac instead of handing it over to security back in 2015, this is still a tale of dedication I think we can all learn from.

This, dear friends, is the story of a love like no other: the love between one man and his can of beer.

An Aussie simply known as Dean was preparing to board a flight to Perth when apparently the airline informed him that he couldn ‘t bring his beer can with him. I know… I know. This is heartbreaking stuff. But Dean isn ‘t one to back down in the face of adversity, no, our hero wasn ‘t about to abandon his beer in the airport.

He did what anyone with steadfast integrity (who is also extra as hell) would do: he checked in his solo can of beer as baggage.

Courtesy of 9GAG

But as anyone who has ever flown will tell you, just because you check something into the cargo hold doesn ‘t mean you ‘re guaranteed to ever see it again.

Fortunately, the baggage handlers thought this was a riot and really appreciated Dean ‘s efforts.

Courtesy of 9GAG

And, miraculously, almost as if they were fated to be together, Dean and his single beer can were reunited on the other side of their journey.

How beautiful is that?

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