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This Guy ‘s Life Hacks Slap You With A High-Octane Rush And I ‘m HOOKED

I know what you ‘re thinking, you ‘re like, “Perry! How do you maintain such top mental and physical stamina when you have a morbidly disgusting body and a bad brain? ‘

These are my tips.


Keeping your motivation can be really hard, even under the best of circumstances. And having a morbidly disgusting body and a bad brain isn ‘t exactly the best of circumstances, which is why when I ‘m feeling down, I turn to Perry Grone.

Because we ‘ve all wondered, “How can I stay motivated when my to-do list runs to four pages, I just dropped all my groceries, and your adult child has just shared his plans to open a hot yoga studio? ‘

Motivation is not magic. It does not come in a bottle. It comes in a little plastic pre-workout container. There is no little blue pill for it. Instead, try screaming your favorite book into your bedroom carpet.

Look. Motivation is something you CAN tap into by IF YOU WORK AT IT. The truth is, staying motivated, keeping up your energy. It takes work. Specifically it takes working the 4 easy steps that Perry shares.

This motivational moment comes to you via Perry Grone.


Written by and starring Perry Grone.

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