By: Sloane Hughes

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Two People Who Are For Sure Having Worse Mondays Than You

Mondays are never fun, and with daylight savings now in effect this one ‘s been especially brutal. I ‘m on my third cup of coffee and I honestly still feel like a corpse. But even if you woke up late for work this morning, drove over a nail on your way into the office, or if someone in your apartment complex took your clothes out of the dryer mid-cycle so you had to wear wet pants (104 if you ‘re reading this – I know it was you, you ass) I ‘m here to remind you that things could be worse.

For instance, you could have been sucked into a dust devil ‘s vortex while paragliding and subsequently shot out of the side of it like a goddamn slingshot.

I mean… That ‘s one way to wake yourself up in the morning without coffee, right?

Maybe you ‘re a thrill seeker, though. This does kind of look like an amusement park ride without all the flashy mechanics and safety regulations, so maybe you ‘re looking at that video and saying to yourself, “pft, nice try but this is still better than my Monday has been. ‘

Okay, that ‘s fair, but how about this.

Your Monday might suck but does it suck as much as getting your ass handed to you by a kangaroo literally RIGHT after you touch the ground? I doubt it.

I would like to draw your attention to the very first frame in which the kangaroo appears. Let ‘s take a look:

Okay. So two things about this.

1. That kangaroo is SO far away
2. The dude hadn ‘t even LANDED yet

This means that the kangaroo was tracking him across the sky in order to beat the shit out of him. Imagine having someone go that far out of their way to ruin your day. So I mean, yeah, Mondays are brutal but at least Mother Nature ‘s boxing champion didn ‘t see you while you were a speck in the sky and go, “oh fuck that guy right there. ‘

And if there ‘s a lesson to be taken away from any of this, I think it ‘s maybe don ‘t try paragliding.

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