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These New Dating Apps Are Complicated

The newest Cow Clown cartoon takes the viewer into the world of online dating. Dating apps, ever present in today ‘s society, have their downsides, however. The story starts when a man attempts to show his newly-single friend the dating app ‘Slider. ‘ Unlike other dating apps which rely on ‘swiping, ‘ Slider allows the user to ‘slide ‘ on other individuals. Unfortunately, Slider ‘s greatest strength proves to also be the app ‘s biggest downfall. Slider ‘s numerous gimmicks cause it to ultimately be inaccessible to the user, much to the chagrin of our main character.


When it comes to the best dating apps, there ‘s currently so many options to choose from it can be overwhelming. Well, tough tamales. Guess what ‘ ‘ there are just as many sites out there that can tell you their take on what they think are the best dating apps around and it still won ‘t solve your problem. You know what will? Throwing out dating apps.

SERIOUSLY. Forget dating apps altogether. They are way too freaking complicated, and just learn how to do the dance. It sucks. It ‘s painful. I know. I ‘m still single (by choice though) and I ‘m 35 years old and have a really bitching camouflage collection. But I just can ‘t find the guy for me. Do I hop on dating apps like some kind of wimp though? NO.

It ‘s not there ‘s not a need for dating apps. It ‘s no secret: finding love and maybe a sexual partner who isn ‘t some kind of city slicker person is on a lot of people ‘s minds. That, combined with cold-as-balls weather and the upcoming promise of spring and suddenly ‘ if you ‘re single, get ready, because (apparently) you gotta learn all these apps? Hard pass.


By: Steven Haas

Voiced by: Avery McKinney and Steven Haas

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