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What Really Goes On In Recording Booths

There ‘s an incredible amount of work that goes into all your favorite tracks. Writing the music, the lyrics, recording the instrumentals, the vocals, sound mixing – but few people actually get a glimpse into what goes on behind the scenes while recording music, and that kind of mystery leaves a lot of room for the imagination.

That ‘s what inspired Caitie Delaney, a writer for Rick and Morty and overall hilarious lady, to create a series of videos from the point of view of sound engineers in the booths with famous hip-hop artists.

They ‘re so simple but so brilliant and well done, I ‘ll honestly never listen to these songs the same way again.

Uhhh, the mic is already ON, JOE

Somebody please fix Eminem ‘s snare

*whispering* guys Chief Keef seems upset

Little bit demanding but okay they ‘re your eardrums

Wait hold up WHO was in charge of bringing Jay-Z ‘s flutes???

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