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Sam Elliot Hunts Jeff Bridges In ‘The Man Who Killed Bigfoot And Then The Lebowski ‘

Years and years after heroically ‘ and surreptitiously ‘ ending World War II by assassinating Adolf Hitler in a harrowing, lethal operation, American hero Calvin Barr (Sam Elliott), now languishing in the dust heap of American history and largely forgotten despite his past great deeds, is called upon by the US government to hunt down the fabled THE DUDE (Jeff Bridges), who might be the carrier of an unusually high amount of chill that could destroy humanity.

Can Barr succeed? What is that smell in The Dude ‘s car? Cursing himself for his past run-ins with this notoriously laid-back, long-haired hippy, Barr sets off on an epic hunt to bring down Lebowski ‘ and finally put a stop, once and for all, to the way The Dude abides, in all his mellow, unhurried unconcern, and thus save the world from a true monster (who ‘s actually really low-key).


This is a close call. I mean, take The Dude. He ‘s a legend. The guy looks great in a rumpled cardigan and dirty pajamas, and it ‘s like he knows it, but still convinces you he doesn ‘t? And then there ‘s Sam Elliott. This is a guy so manly and ruggedly handsome he came out the womb with that voice like woodsmoke on the Wyoming dusk, sneezed once, and instantly grew that certified handlebar mustache.

So it ‘s hard to say who will win. Some will say The Dude. Some will say Sam Elliott. Honestly we don ‘t care, we ‘re just excited to see these two reunited once again ‘ ‘even if they ‘re hell-bent on mutually assured destruction.


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