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Ron Burgundy Devotes An Entire Episode to Writing His Own Theme Song

Every book needs a cover, every podcast needs a theme song. It ‘s a classic saying. But why did it take so long for Ron to realize his own podcast needed a proper theme song, especially since he ‘s been making them up at the top of every episode so far?

Good news: with the backing of a full band and the help of producer Carolina, Ron is remedying the situation pronto. Slight setback: legendary music producer Phil Spector was unable to join them for the recording session, but they ‘ll make do.

Ron lends his velvety vocals to three different potential theme songs, and we don ‘t envy whoever has to decide which one to use. You ‘ll have to hear them for yourself, but you ‘ll definitely be impressed with Ron ‘s incredible range that spans over a handful of musical genres.

Without spoiling anything, there ‘s a particularly heartfelt song dedicated to a recently-deceased relative. It ‘s not exactly the most traditional tribute you ‘ll ever hear, but once you hear how Ron ‘s aunt passed, you ‘ll get it.

So if you ‘re ready for a peek behind the scenes into the process of creating not one, but three brilliant theme songs, check out the latest episode of the Ron Burgundy Podcast right now.

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