By: Sloane Hughes

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This Dog Doesn ‘t Quite Get Agility But He ‘s Doing His Best Ok

The dogs who compete in the annual Westminster Dog Show agility trials are the best of the best, it ‘s like the Olympics for dogs, and it ‘s incredibly impressive to watch. I don ‘t know if you remember last year ‘s champion, Verb, but uhhh, I ‘ve literally never felt more like a lazy piece of shit than when I watched that border collie tear up that agility course.


The winner of this year ‘s agility run is another uber-talented border collie named P!nk (not to be confused with the recording artist of the same name) who broke all other records and completed the entire course in under thirty seconds!


Well, if you liked THOSE impressive runs, here ‘s a performance that is absolutely nothing like it.

Crufts is another annual dog show but it ‘s… a liiiiittle different. If the Westminster Dog Show is like the Olympics, then Crufts is like beer league baseball. So the contenders aren ‘t QUITE the same caliber.

This is Kratu.

He ‘s a rescue who competed in Crufts ‘ agility course and I am in love with him.

He ‘s not necessarily the most focused dog but look how happy he is to be there. And, ok, sure, he might not be the best at the jumps.

That first one though?? Oh man, he NAILED it. And look at how dedicated he is to this tunnel.

Like, really dedicated. Look at this steely resolve.

So he ‘s not gonna beat Verb on the agility course anytime soon, but in my opinion he is absolutely a champion. He is a truly incredible athlete and you can ‘t tell me otherwise.

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