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Yes, You Can Learn The Art Of Pointless Office Conversation (It ‘s Actually Easy)

For the first time ever, acclaimed account manager Lerald Felztbar reveals his secrets in pointless office banter.


There ‘s a little, open secret in human society. The kind of thing that everybody does but no one earnestly talks about doing. Like picking one ‘s nose, or glancing at cat butts, or keeping a framed photo of Geraldo Rivera (or, as I like to call him now after I had to google him to remember his name: “talk show mustache guy ‘).

No duh, everyone, I ‘m talking about hating small talk. But not just any small talk. Office small talk. Because in today ‘s world, you can ‘t duck out of idle chit chat. People are EVERYWHERE. Networking events, shared office kitchens, people who work in the same business building as you (aka, colleagues) all require a brief exchange of pleasantries lame-atries.

Well, like so many other things about life, it ‘s not what you think. Sure, many people might be surprised to discover that small talk doesn ‘t have to be painful. No no, because by learning a few simple techniques, you can polish your conversational skills and make your small talk truly live up to the office small talk standard and be incredibly dry and boring at the same time.

I can ‘t wait to hear all about it while I microwave my frozen crab cakes before this 2pm with Lynette.

This indispensable guide comes to via Benji Rothman.


Created by Benji Rothman

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