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You Can Drink Beer And Swear In This Yoga Class And Suddenly I Am So Zen

We live in a fast-paced world, and taking time out of your day to relax and focus on yourself is so important. That ‘s why so many people have turned to yoga ‘ it ‘s meditative, peaceful…

It ‘s also kind of bullshit.

Look. I understand that it ‘s super helpful for a lot of folks. I have friends who literally cannot get through the week unless they get their daily 30 minutes of downward dog to cobra pose in. And that ‘s great, I ‘m happy for them, but not all of us can just chill out to a Spotify rainforest sounds playlist while a blonde girl with an infinity symbol tattoo says, “now, like, clear your mind, ‘ over and over.

I ‘m already in a mood, Stephanie, and weirdly you telling me to contort myself into a pretzel and relax simultaneously while you somehow still look flawless isn ‘t helping. (For real though fuck yoga instructors who look hot always. How do you do it. Did you make a deal with a demon? If so, do you still have his number? Shoot me a message.)

Luckily there ‘s a new type of yoga for those who require a different approach to decompressing.

If you ‘ve ever felt out of place at a typical yoga class, or unable to really, like, become zen by focusing on your breath, Rage Yoga could be the answer for you.

Lindsay, the founder, teaches Rage Yoga out of Alberta, Canada and the site boasts that her classes will make you “Zen as Fuck ‘ ‘ a state of being that I am totally on board with. Her yoga classes are similar to others in that it ‘s focused around stretching and stress relief, but her class encourages swearing and drinking beer while you ‘re doing it.

Because really, what ‘s more calming than dropping an f ‘ bomb as you move into child ‘s pose, and focusing on your breathing between sips of beer?

If you don ‘t live close to a Rage Yoga location, you ‘re in luck! You can buy videos and attend online classes, so you can limber up and get as crass as you want from the comfort of your own living room. Namaste.

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