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Jerry And Friends Trade Puffy Shirts For Diapers In ‘Seinfeld Babies ‘

We all love Jerry, Elaine, George and Kramer, but there are a couple big problems with Seinfeld that you only realize when you re-watch old episodes. Mainly: the characters aren ‘t cute enough, and they ‘re not wearing diapers. That ‘s where our latest comic book mash-up comes in. Imagine the neurotic curmudgeons of Seinfeld in the cute and cuddly world of Muppet Babies. They get diaper rashes, they ‘re particular about their breast milk, yada yada yada. They may be younger but there ‘s still plenty of day-to-day minutiae to get worked up about. After all, who ‘s crankier than a baby? Larry David would be proud.

Welcome to the world of Seinfeld Babies.

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