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These Guys Reveal The Most Surprising Wonders Of Eating Fish And I ‘M GLUED

Fish deserve time with your friends

As Jack and Ahmed kick back, watching their favorite unspecified foreign tv entertainment program, Ryan walks in holding a new purchase in his strong, silent hands. ‘

At first, the guys don ‘t see what he ‘s holding. They consider a dinner option, with Jack and Ahmed thinking pizza, when they suddenly notice that Ryan is holding a fish: ‘a dead fish that he just got at the grocery storemart. ‘(No, but it ‘s not a live fish, don ‘t worry.) So again, to be clear, ‘this is a dead fish, and yes, it ‘s real. ‘It ‘s not a stuffed animal fish, because Ryan is not a little kid or a child. ‘

It ‘s a simple fact that when you purchase your groceries, you take them out of the bag and then hold them in your hands before putting them away. We do it with apples, we do with yogurts, we do it with oatmeal packets. Why would this change at all with fish? Don ‘t all your groceries deserve a warm, personal greeting from you as you take them out of their big scary stinky grocery bags? YES. The point is:

Fish deserve special treatment ‘

They are magical underwater creatures. A few other interesting facts about fish:

  • Fish have lots of protane
  • Fatty acids
  • Fish roe is not a myth
  • If one was pregnant, and yet you are considering eating it, ‘that can be kinda sad ‘(when you think about it)

So fish? They make a great dinner option if you would like to prepare a meal of protane for your roommates, with whom you can bond as you watch the fish cook in a pan. ‘


Starring: Ahmed Bharoocha, Ryan O ‘Flanagan, and Jack Robichaud
Direction and Cinematography by John Hale And Maureen Bharoocha
Produced by Dead Kevin Sketch

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