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Spies Can ‘t Look Away From Trump ‘s Pee Tape

Two spies, one tape. A British and an American spy meet up to hand-off the infamous (and alleged) Trump Pee Tape. This is no average blackmail material. The Russians didn ‘t just set up a nanny cam. There ‘s multiple angles, music, an intoxicating romanticism to it all. It ‘s quite good.


The United States Intelligence Community is composed of 16 separate United States government intelligence agencies, and occasionally these agencies work with other nations overseas to conduct intelligence activities, as the CIA did with M16 during the Cold War. So you know, at some point, there just had to be meetings between espionage professionals, looking at some crazy weird sex things they could use against other government officials.

So if this Trump Pee Tape does exist, which appears to be very much an open item right now after Michael Cohen ‘s Senate testimony, we can only hope that some meeting between two spies would go down this way, with one spy who ‘s seen it all utterly transfixed.

This undercover spycraft comes to you via our top agents in the field at Funny Business.


Created by Funny Business

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