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Ron Burgundy Gets Bullied by a Ten-Year-Old

Bullies: we ‘ve all encountered them. Maybe you ‘ve been called hurtful names, or maybe you were the one doing the name-calling yourself (probably the latter, you seem real cool). Whatever your experience, Ron Burgundy is here to take a stance, no matter how partisan it might be: bullying is bad.

But in order to really understand the current state of bullying, Ron and producer Carolina know they need to go straight to the source. That ‘s why their guest on today ‘s podcast is a “bullying expert, ‘ a ten-year-old girl named Gwen. Right away it becomes clear what a minefield life is for the average fifth-grader.

Gwen opens up about what it ‘s like being bullied, her thoughts on how bullying has permeated politics and pop culture, and even gives Ron feedback on an anti-bullying PSA he recorded back in the 70 ‘s. Honestly, it holds up better than you ‘d think.

Things take a turn when Ron asks Gwen what she ‘d say if she were to bully him. What starts as a professional and journalistic exercise ends just a little too real. But hey, I think we all walked away from it learning a real important lesson about bullying, so, worth it?

Whether you ‘re currently dealing with bullies or they ‘re a faint memory from your deeply painful past (or again, if you were the one doing the bullying yourself, because you seem like the type), there ‘s much to be gained from this week ‘s episode. Grow along with Ron, Carolina, and Gwen by giving it a listen right now.

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