By: Kelci Grammar

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Ron Burgundy Kisses A Burrito On NHL Kiss Cam

Last night Ron Burgundy graced a live audience with his velvety voice and always stunning commentary, oh and also the LA Kings and San Jose Sharks were there, but Ron was the real attraction ‘ quite literally. It ‘s a good thing Ron stayed in the booth and away from ice, because things started to heat up pretty quickly.

“When does the kiss cam start? ‘ The question was asked by Ron Burgundy, but I ‘m sure it was also on the minds of every woman in the vicinity. When the kiss cam finally did appear its gaze was understandably drawn to Ron, and he shared a beautiful, intimate moment in front of Los Angeles and the world with a particularly delicious individual.

A burrito. It was a burrito. Ron Burgundy kissed a burrito on live television and it was beautiful.

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