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21 Best GIFs Of All Time Of The Week For Sweet Relief

What a week. Sometimes Friday hits you like a Monday. Sometimes it just gives you a big, much-needed glass of cold beverage refreshment like a Friday is supposed to do ffs. And this Friday, capped off in stellar fashion with the announcement that MUELLER ‘S REPORT IS DONE, couldn ‘t have come earlier.

That ‘s right, it ‘s flapperjacking Friday, you bumpkin minivans. And you know what that means. It ‘s time for the best gifs of the week. This week promises a whole host of tasty, tasty gifs, featuring seductive otters, clueless reporters, horny-for-sausage canines, and terrible dancing.

If you ‘re new to Funny Or Die, each week, Funny Or Die boils down the great Internet crude oil to bring you the week ‘s funniest gifs. It ‘s a veritable slurry of reliable eye fuel and laughter gas, and it ‘s a reminder that there ‘s funny, no-joke good A$$ SHIZ going on in the world.

Without further ado, here are the best gifs of all time of the week.

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