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Yep, He ‘s Still Brockmire: Season 3 Of ‘Brockmire ‘ Premieres 4/3

Oh, Brockmire. Will he ever learn? Doesn ‘t sobriety teach you to become a better person? Apparently, no one ever told him that because Jim Brockmire is still the same abrasive, brash baseball announcer that he was before he stopped drinking. Except now he ‘s fueled by a burning hatred for Central Florida instead of alcohol.

Produced by your pals at Funny Or Die, Hank Azaria returns as Jim Brockmire, along with Amanda Peet as the hard-drinking Jules, Tawny Newsom, and Tyrell Jackson Williams. This season features kickass guest stars like Richard Kind, Linda Lavin, Martha Plimpton, J.K. Simmons, Christine Woods, Becky Ann Baker, and more.

Brockmire portrays a man of many talents who is unable to turn off those talents. Whether he ‘s calling a baseball game, insulting a coworker, or guzzling whiskey, the guy simply GOES. ALL. IN. Tune in to season three to see what else Brockmire gets into.

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