By: Sloane Hughes

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These Unconventional Toys Are So Hilarious And I Need Them All

If you ‘re looking for a toy for the kid in your life who has everything, or perhaps just an unconventional toy that will leave a lasting impression on whoever receives it (for better or for worse) look no further than Obvious Plant. The project was started by comedian Jeff Wysaski, he creates toys, games, and other fun stuff that look, on a base level, just like anything else you ‘d see on the market for kids, but they ‘re not your average G.I. Joes.

You can check his online store for new toys and games as he makes them, but they go fast. Thankfully for everyone, though, photos of his work are readily available and so worth scrolling through.

The perfect wholesome playset

Have you ever played a video game and thought hmmmm, not enough knobs? WELL, NEVER FEAR

This is perfect for the little arsonist in your life

Oh good I was worried I wouldn ‘t be able to pay in soup bowls

I ‘ve always thought that Star Wars was lacking Steves and I ‘m glad it ‘s finally being rectified

Jeff recently launched his first gallery opening at his Museum of Toys in Los Angeles, and hopefully we ‘ll see more exhibitions from him in the future, but for now you can follow him on twitter for more hilarious (but very necessary) toys.

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