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Meet Romania ‘s Greatest Pop Duo In The History Of Music EVER

Sunset Place left home to become the biggest band overseas. Now a camera crew will follow their journey “to the top middle, ‘ as they make their return to America.

The series is a mockumentary set against the backdrop of the music industry. After finding massive success overseas, band members Bear & Count return home to Los Angeles where they experience the highs and lows of the pursuit of superstardom “in the country where it really counts ‘. We follow them as they take meetings at large music labels, attempt to record an album in the studio with hit producers, and attend red carpet events with press and media. The heart of the show is their relationship and how the journey tests their brotherhood and loyalty to each other.

“Sunset Place ‘ is a 5 episode web-series that puts a magnifying glass on rejection and the toll it takes on people. And it ‘s a big toll for these dumbasses.


There is a lot to love with this web series. First of all, being a sucker for clueless, overconfident idiots in low-stakes situations (because real recognize real), this grabs my eyes from the start. But then the production quality itself stands out, and the fact that the series is capped off with a music video for the song “Sexistential Crisis ‘ ‘ which is the kind of pun I suffer gladly ‘ I ‘m pretty much all in.

This musical mockery comes to you via The Powerfools. Check out the entire series below.

The Intro

After becoming the most successful band in the history of Romania, Sunset Place arrives in LA and are hit with the harsh realization that they aren ‘t famous in America. ‘

The Single

Bear & Count get a chance to record their first American single with hit music producer Trevor Brown.

The Photoshoot

The boys ‘ skills are put to the test in front of the camera when they start to question if they have what it takes to make it in Los Angeles.

The Meeting

V ‘j (Sunset Place ‘s manager) has gotten them a meeting at Capitol Records, where they receive news that might change their lives forever.

The Music Video

The band releases the first American Music Video for their single “Sexistential Crisis ‘.


Created and Written by the Powerfools, a sketch comedy group starring real-life cousins Antony Del Rio (@antonydelrio) and David Del Ro (@thedavid_delrio), with best friend and filmmaker Giovanny Lago (@thisisntgio) behind the camera.

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