By: Sloane Hughes

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Thieves Tried To Steal Gas, Ended Up Sucking Sewage

All too often we see stories about bad people getting away with doing bad things and I for one am sick of it. Where are the heroes? Where is the JUSTICE? Well, sometimes the hero is unconventional, and more of a silent, stoick type, like a tour bus. And sometimes the justice is in the form of an incredible and totally disgusting self-own.

Some thieves in Australia tried to siphon gas out of a parked bus in the middle of the night, and stealing gas out of a car is already a supremely dickish thing to do, but stealing gas out of a whole tour bus? Come on, man. Now you ‘re ruining like DOZENS of people ‘s day.

But, in a surprising turn of events, this escapade ended up super shitty ‘ literally.

As it turns out, the gas tanks on tour busses are very close to another integral storage area.
The sewage tank.
Yes. That ‘s exactly where this story is going.

These thieves… put the hose into the sewage tank……. and tried to siphon the ‘gas ‘ out………
with their M O U T H S


I ‘d like to be able to end off by saying “hey thieves: eat shit ‘ but, as it turns out, they already did.

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