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Ron Burgundy Asks A Psychic Everything You ‘d Want to Know

What does the future hold? Can we commune with the spirit world? Will producer Carolina ever find love? There are some questions in life that are best left to be answered by the professionals: psychics. Lucky for us, Ron ‘s on top of it.

First, Ron introduces a new segment where he reads horoscopes for (almost) every astrological sign. They ‘re pretty insightful, so you should definitely make sure you listen to yours (again, if Ron gets to it.) Enjoy it while you can, there ‘s no guarantee this because a recurring segment (read: definitely not.)

Psychic Laura Powers joins Ron and Carolina in the studio, and Ron immediately throws some hard-hitting questions her way. Can she read minds? Can dolphins read minds? Do dolphins have psychic powers? Should he stop asking questions about dolphins? That ‘s too bad, he had some real good ones.

Moving forward, any question you ‘d have for a psychic, chances are that Ron asks it. They cover second lives, astronomy vs. astrology, and even free will. Ron also reveals a bit about himself along the way – apparently he thought it was common place having a psychic at a child ‘s birthday party. Not a magician. A psychic.

Skeptics and believers alike will get something out of Ron ‘s chat with Laura. Start getting answers to the big weird questions in life by listening to the latest episode of the podcast right now.

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