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This Is The Secret Way Your AirPods Are Made And Now I ‘m Telling Everyone

Apple just revealed the secret design facility behind its wireless earbuds.

The company has recently announced a heckuva lot of products, but this is the latest reveal from the notoriously secretive Apple and counts as the biggest announcement yet. Because the second-generation AirPods, which some consider the most anticipated of Apple ‘s new products, come with a surprising secret.

Back in March, the multinational tech giant did something unexpected: Apple allowed a film crew into a secret Southern California facility and what they revealed is beyond astonishing:

Apple has been GROWING its earbuds like plants

Wait what?

YES. And who is the man who runs this place and its magical earbud creating greenhouse? That would be the visionary and self-proclaimed “sound gardener ‘ Ken Yamamoto, an 83-year-old reclusive botanist who has overseen much of the research and development for Apple headphone design since the first generation iPod in 2001.

This man is adorable:

I want to bake this man cookies

Ken ‘s passion for sound started as a child when he bought his first microphone and recorder in an attempt to record the footsteps of a ladybug. Since then, he has made it his life ‘s work to perfect natural, organic sound.

Apple has yet to unveil the specific process they use to grow their headphones. It ‘s also unclear whether this plant-based research and development strategy is used on their other products.

Apple is expected to announce the second generation AirPod later this month, which is rumored to include advanced biometric sensors, along with waterproofing, “hey Siri ‘ functionality, better wireless technology, and sound proofing.


Directed by Ben Fischinger & Ryan Westra
Produced by Kristelle Laroche

Starring: Ken Takemoto

Cinematography: Ben Fischinger, Ryan Westra and Drew Heskett
Production Design: Nate Mulroy
Production Sound: Gabe Linkewicz
Sound Mix: Nate Grady-Reitan

Music: Scott Sorenson

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