By: Sloane Hughes

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This Epic Standoff Between Two Drivers For A Parking Spot Is The Most Ridiculous Thing Ever

Willpower is an extraordinary thing, and it ‘s amazing what people are capable of when they really put their minds to it. Things like send a man to the moon, or survive for 127 with your arm stuck between a boulder and a canyon wall, or wait over an hour for a parking space in a very intense standoff in the middle of the street. ‘

These feats of human tenacity aren ‘t always captured for the world to see, but luckily this time it was. ‘

One twitter user witnessed a classic standoff situation between two drivers both gunning for the same spot. ‘We don ‘t see how these two got here in the first place, by the time she started chronicling these events the two drivers were already holding their ground, but based on their positions we can assume that the black car pulled forward to parallel park, and then the silver car (that bastard) tried to sneak in behind.

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