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Ron Burgundy ‘s Garage Is Haunted

What do you do if your podcast studio is closed for repairs, but you ‘ve promised your adoring public a new episode every week? If you ‘re as dedicated as Ron Burgundy, you graciously sacrifice your privacy and record the podcast in your home garage. Slight problem: that garage is definitely haunted.

Ever the professional, Ron does his best to stick to the planned topic for today ‘s episode. Producer Carolina also tries to keep Ron on track, but he ‘s almost immediately derailed by the voice of a ghostly apparition ‘Thankfully, the microphones they ‘re using pick it up as well, and it is ‘chilling.

Unfortunately for Ron, Carolina is unable to hear the ghost herself, leaving Ron (and the listener) alone with the ghost ‘s weird and unconventional taunts. Let ‘s just say that if a ghost said any of these surprisingly specific things to you, you ‘d freak out as well.

Finally, Ron can ‘t take it anymore, and makes a run for it. Carolina goes after him, giving us a tour of his home as she searches. And honestly, his house sounds great: shag carpets, a Laverne and Shirley pinball machine, and of course, tons of photos of Ron.

Does Ron calm down enough to finish the podcast? Does he confront the apparition, once and for all? What was the originally planned discussion topic again? All will be revealed in the latest and spookiest episode, so give it a listen right now.

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