By: Sloane Hughes

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This Is The Greatest Star Wars Mashup Of All Time

There are few as formidable as Darth Vader. Few who rule so mercilessly. Few who are equally respected as they are feared. Few capable of destroying those who fail or oppose them. No, there may only be one man who rivals him, in this or any galaxy:

Motherf ‘ckin.

He and Darth Vader have gotta be neck in neck in terms of people being absolutely massacred by them on screen. Sure, Ramsay would only figuratively chop people ‘s heads off while Vader took the more literal approach, but they were both devastating and I know they ‘d both make me cry by one means or another.

So what happens when you combine the absolutely cutthroat insults from celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay with the unmitigated power of Darth Vader? You get probably the most deadly dude of all time.

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