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World ‘s Most Distracted Man Ponders Life ‘s Big Questions

Just another day in the mind of a simple man.


Ah, mind-wandering. According to Wikipedia, “[m]ind-wandering (sometimes referred to as ‘task unrelated thought, ‘ or, colloquially, ‘autopilot ‘) is the experience of thoughts not remaining on a single topic for a long period of time, particularly when people are engaged in an attention-demanding task. ‘ Wikipedia goes on to note that this can often come up in tasks where “vigilance is low. ‘

Considering that the man in this short is just living his life, and how life is constantly trying to kill us, it feels like this definition of mind-wandering could use an update.

Because who, I ask, who among us hasn ‘t just wandered off in his/her/their own head in the middle of doing something else, something else that might be super important, like taxes, or listening to one ‘s doctor outline an important adjustment in one ‘s diet, or operating a vehicle in excess of 50miles per hour on a road that ‘s four lanes across crammed with other fallible advanced primates (or, colloquially, ‘driving ‘)?

Some say it ‘s good. Some say it ‘s bad. All I know is that we humans do this kind of thing all the time. I just wish my mind-wandering could be as poetically discursive as the guy ‘s in this video, or even Charlie Kaufman in Adaptation. More often than not, my mind wandering gets hung up on why certain labradors don ‘t like the water. They ‘re water dogs. Supposedly. So wtf.

This momentous meandering comes to you via The ShortsShowComedy Brooklyn ‘s Worst.


Written by: Laurent H.
Shot, Edited and Directed by: C.S. Rutledge

Starring: Brooks Russell, Jessica Digiovanni and Richard Templeton
Sound by: Awen Audio Design, Keith Nolan
Crew: Luis Alarcon

Special Thanks: Alligator Lounge, NYFA

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