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‘King In The North ‘ Kit Harington Conquered SNL

Last weekend ‘s SNL was hosted by Game of Thrones ‘ own Kit Harington and it was anything but dark and full of terrors. Although the former Lord Commander of the Night ‘s Watch is known for his stoic demeanor and impossibly furrowed brow, Kit gave an extremely entertaining performance that had all of us and the Seven Kingdoms in stitches.

Kit ‘s monologue

A startlingly shaven Kit (RIP glorious, glorious beard) opened up about his more… unfortunate roles like Pompeii and ‘audience members ‘ tuned him out pretty quickly as everyone was after one thing: what happens in GoT????? Even co-stars Emilia Clarke and John Bradley asked if he could shed some light on their fate, since everyone ‘s been kept pretty in the dark and Emilia admittedly spends most of her time talking to “just a tennis ball on a pole, ‘ and The Night King (Pete Davidson) himself made an appearance to ask if the two will ever be able to mend fences (or giant ice walls).

New HBO Shows

What are the main players of GoT going to get up to after there ‘s finally someone sitting on the iron throne? (That is, if they all survive) Well, from wildfolk rap battles to nostalgic deadpan cartoons, it looks like the end of Game of Thrones is just the beginning of some truly, truly trashy television.

Graphics Department

Kit Harington already unrecognizable without his trademark beard, but spot-on stock nerd accent and Skrillex-esque hair completely transform him in this hilarious sketch about who really deserves to be employee of the month.


You know what they say, “two ‘s company and three ‘s a crowd, ‘ and the lesser-known saying, “rectal exams being crashed by a second doctor after you ‘ve asked your first doctor on a date are supremely awkward. ‘

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