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Ron Burgundy Talks Poetry with Peter Dinklage

Poetry: one of literatures oldest and most evocative forms of writing, or a boring way to make reading even lamer? Ron makes it clear which camp he belongs to, but that doesn ‘t change the fact that this week ‘s episode is about poetry, so he rolls with it.

Peter Dinklage joins Ron and Carolina to read and discuss poetry, and of course Ron can ‘t help but ask a handful of questions about Peter ‘s acting career up top. Don ‘t worry, there are absolutely zero “Game of Thrones ‘ spoilers (probably because it ‘s unclear if Ron has ever watched it?)

Peter then shares some of his favorite poems with Ron and Carolina. To his credit, Ron tries to control himself and remain respectful as long as possible. Okay, he probably could have tried a little harder. At least he interrupts Peter in unique and surprising ways, so that ‘s nice, right?

After Peter reads a final poem by William Blake, an enlightening conversation about poetry follows. Or at least, it should have. It kind of devolves into Peter having a full-blown existential crisis, but maybe Ron ‘s gift he sent in the mail will patch things up.

One thing ‘s for sure: you ‘ve never experienced poetry quite like this. Whether you ‘re a big poetry nerd or a normal cool person like Ron, you ‘ll feel way classier than usual just by listening to the latest episode.

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