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This Is How Changing A Flat Tire Can Massively Backfire

Changing a tire is really hard

Knowing how to change a tire is an important, though basic, life skill ‘ ‘whether you drive every day or just occasionally drive when you ‘re trying to forget about that office crush who won ‘t return your phone calls. In fact, solely relying on a cell phone to save you in a roadside emergency (or to find romantic satisfaction) could lead to an easily avoided travel mishap. Or it could lead to your broken sobbing on the side of the road (or both!).

For example, what if you forget to charge your phone, or are out of range, or leave your phone at home altogether. What about then? How can the love of your life, with whom you ‘ve exchanged maybe 73 words, get in touch with you then?

The truth is, flat tires can happen anywhere, even while filming a how-to video in your colleague ‘s garage. And if it happens there, you ‘ll be very glad you actually know how to change a flat tire. That ‘s why Walter Brown here has some useful tips for changing a tire ‘ and the tips aren ‘t even that hard!

These items will come in handy while you change your tire, or the tire of a woman with whom you work and for whom you would do backbreaking labor in order to get her to notice you.

  • Jack
  • Simple kitchen knife to throw at the tire you desire to be flat
  • Lug wrench
  • Very strong fingernails
  • Fully inflated spare tire
  • A guy named Kyle who has a jack
  • Vehicle owner ‘s manual
  • A shovel, in case you need to dig a ditch in order to change a flat

And that ‘s pretty much it. Having successfully changed that tire, there ‘s no telling what else you might do to have better self-esteem. Good luck!


Production Company: Extraordinary Alien Films
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Executive Producer: David Saint

Gus Johnson
Lorena Martinez
Matt Devine
Eddy Burback

Director of Photography: Zack Wallnau
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Edited by Victor Dos Santos
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