By: Sloane Hughes

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You Can Now Buy A Bean Bag Onesie Because Who The Hell Cares Anymore

Have you ever found yourself thinking “this surface is just too hard to sit on ‘ as well as “I wish my pants looked a lot more like a full diaper ‘?

Well do I have the product for you!

Finally there ‘s a way to lounge comfortably in any scenario and also look very normal in the process with this new invention that is definitely super necessary.

It ‘s called the “bean bag onesie ‘ and I don ‘t think it needs much further explanation.

Courtesy of ThinkGeek

Elegant. Understated. This is truly where fashion meets function.

It ‘s advertised on ThinkGeek as being the solution to waiting in long lines like meet-and-greets or premieres, but I think the real demographic their selling to is people who have just fully given up.

Currently it ‘s only available in “Gumby green ‘ which I think is perfect because really if you ‘re gonna wear a giant sac hanging off your ass you probably want to be as visible as possible. The only improvement upon this already flawless design would be if it were covered in Christmas lights.

And the best part?? It ‘s available on ThinkGeek for a cool $89.99. That ‘s right, for only $100 after tax you can sit comfortably anywhere while making everyone around you supremely uncomfortable!

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