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Here, Have Some Laughs That Don ‘t Have Anything To Do With Game Of Thrones


I did not watch Game of Thrones last night. I was tired and figured I ‘d watch it later this week, which was the worst possible decision and I am a big dumb idiot for it. I don ‘t know how I ‘m going to make it through the day without reading spoilers. Mistakes were made, now I have to live with it.

So instead of perusing through twitter or reading the news or speaking words to other human beings today, I ‘ve decided to completely immerse myself in bird stuff. They can ‘t spoil Game of Thrones for me. They wouldn ‘t. The internet is not safe for me until I watch that damn premiere, but birds are safe. And more importantly, birds are hilarious.

Look at how talented he is

This is way more impressive than speaking Dothraki

This is how I ‘m going to avoid conversations whenever someone mentions Game of Thrones today

“Hey so did you see- ‘


He ‘s doing his best and I can relate

oops ‘ sorry, excuse me, pardon me


Devil bird from BetterEveryLoop

I am the bird and the cat is all of my friends waiting to tell me about GoT

And this is how it feels when I ‘m minding my business and everyone won ‘t shut up about how great the season premiere was

Courtesy of False Knees

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