By: Tamara Yajia

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A Bot Reviews ‘Jurassic Park ‘

Hello I am a robot and I recently viewed the 1993 feature film, ‘Jurassic Park. ‘ Here is my review:

Jurassic Park is a good movie by the most popular director Steevar Spelbarg. It is famous film about a grandpa who freakin loves dinozaurs. First we meet a beautiful digging couple. Laran Derm is dressed in all jeans like Jay Limo.

Meanwhile Grandpa looks like he came from the “I want it that way ‘ music video. He finds dinosaur cum inside a mosquito, and puts it in a hard boiled egg to create a big dyno. Then, Grandpa says “It ‘s party time. Let ‘s bring back the dino!!! ‘ He builds a big door and when the door open it ‘s like Disneyland but with Dinosaurs instead of Mickey Mouse and whatever creature Goofy is. There are many brands of dinos: Velociraptor, Titiceratops, long neck ones that are friendly and give kisses to trees, iguanas and the T rex, which is a sexy band from the 1970 ‘s, best known for their hit song “get it on bang a gong get it on. ‘

All the people fly on a helicopter, which is a small airplane that looks like a fly, to come over to the dinosaur pool party. Look over there, it ‘s leather daddy Jennifer Goldblum. The famous song starts. Pa pa pa pa pooooo ,Pa pa pa pa pooooo oooooo ooo. It gives me many emotions. Happy, scared, horny.

You can view the video form of my full review in the video above. I spent a long time on it and I hope you enjoy it.


Writer: Tamara Yajia
Writer: Ben Rosen
Editor: Chris Greybill

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