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‘False Knees ‘ Is The Perfect Webcomic To Get You Through The Week

When you ‘re out in nature, do you ever look at animals and wonder what they ‘re thinking? Or do you ever hear birds singing and think to yourself, “I bet they ‘re having a cool conversation ‘? Well, you ‘re not the only one, and thankfully for all of us there are some pretty talented and funny people out there who can take these kinds of thoughts and really make the most of them.

Like Joshua Barkman.

Barkman is an artist, writer, and the creator of the webcomic False Knees. The webcomic series focuses around different woodland and urban animals, mostly birds, and the sorts of things they go through on a day to day basis. It ‘s a simple premise, but Barkman takes it to some truly hilarious heights.

False Knees often flips back and forth between inserting animals into very human-like scenarios, like discussing their favorite “music ‘.

Ugh I liked the early morning traffic before it was cool.

Sudden waves of baby fever that sneak up on you without warning and are genuinely kind of terrifying.

Ugh god, please, hormones, calm DOWN

When you go a little bit too hard on the weekend.

Who among us hasn ‘t gone on a bender and woken up in a snowbank?

Or when you ‘re an introvert just trying to get some damn alone time.

That wasn ‘t an invitation for you to start talking, Dee

And even birds probably get unnecessarily angry at small things.

Even though they have wings so they could definitely just like, I dunno, maybe fly instead of walk

Barkman also plays around with ideas that are more rooted in nature and gives some thoroughly funny insight into just what goes on in a regular day for birds and animals. For one, death is um… a little more casual.

Oh hell yeah, don ‘t you love when you learn your friends haven ‘t been eaten yet?

Someone please educate this snake

At least he was honest

And little things we take for granted or don ‘t have to think about, like tools

Or, y ‘know, being a terrifyingly agile killing machine with almost supernatural abilities and other casual bird things.

Joshua Barkman creates new comics pretty frequently and you can check them out on both Twitter and Instagram

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