By: Sloane Hughes

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In Case You Missed It, The Easter Bunny Got Into A Street Fight

Well, the eggs have been dyed, the chocolate ‘s all been eaten, and the festivities are over, but that doesn ‘t mean we should abandon the overall tone of the Easter season. You know, things like joy, and togetherness, and beating the everloving shit out of each other!


That last one is probably not encouraged everywhere, but hey ‘ it ‘s never too late to start new holiday traditions.

An Easter bunny in Orlando, Florida (obviously) apparently got into a bit of a scuffle with someone on the street as the day was winding down, and instead of chocolate eggs, this bunny gifted them a can of whoop-ass.

I don ‘t know if you can really call this a fair fight, considering the bunny has like, a lot more padding than anyone else.

Honestly though this is a little bit comforting. I don ‘t know the story or who ‘s in the right here, but it ‘s nice to know that the Easter bunny will throw down for what he believes in

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