By: Sloane Hughes

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You Can Vacation Inside A Giant Potato Because Sometimes Dreams Do Come True

Summer is on its way and I ‘m sure we ‘re all feeling pretty fried. Work, responsibilities, and just the general grind of day to day life can really mash the spirit, and it ‘s important to give yourself a little R&R every now and then. Big vacations can be stressful though ‘ there is nothing relaxing about airports. But you know what ‘s extremely soothing and good for the soul?


Honestly what ‘s better than diving into a big ol ‘ pile of chilli fries, or that first steamy forkful of a baked potato fresh out of the oven? No matter how you slice (or dice or fry) it, potatoes are indisputably wonderful. They ‘re called a comfort food for a reason, folks.

And they just got even more comfy.

You can now stay inside a massive potato in Idaho, and I don ‘t think a more perfect destination can or will ever exist.

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