By: Sloane Hughes

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Behold, A Guy Walking Down The Street Wearing A Small House That Plays Music And Shoots Flames

There are some sights in life so rare and special that if you ‘re lucky enough to bear witness to them, you can ‘t help but stop for a moment and acknowledge how truly amazing the world is sometimes. These sights are often as fleeting as they are magnificent, so it ‘s important to really take them in while you have the chance. Things like double rainbows or Halley ‘s comet, or a guy walking down the street wearing a miniature house blasting music with strobing lights and flames.

In the town of Bristol, UK, this actually happened. And I am so thankful for it.

A man whose identity and motives are entirely a mystery was seen casually walking down the street, wearing a tiny house on his head, featuring flashing lights under the eaves that synced up with the beat of the dubstep track playing from inside his miniature house helmet, and as if that wasn ‘t insane and magical enough, literal fucking flames started shooting out of the chimney.

Courtesy of Edward Jenkins/BristolLive

Say what you will about the age of smart technology, but thanks to our attachment to our phones, a witness to this incredible sight, Edward Jenkins, was able to take a video and bless the entire world with it.

I… have a lot of questions.

Does he always wear the house?
Is it a choice? Does he have to wear the house?
Was he cursed by a witch?
Where is the fire coming from?
How does he stoke the tiny fire logs I ‘m assuming are in that chimney?
Who is he?
Is he from the future?
Is the house furnished?
Does he have to pay property tax since that ‘s technically a mobile home?

The more I think about it the more questions I have, and none of them will be answered. In a way though, that ‘s comforting. The mystery is what makes this. Unicorns don ‘t exist, but at least I know that somewhere, out there, this guy and his flaming dubstep house helmet do.

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