By: Sloane Hughes

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This ‘How To Make A Tyler, The Creator Song ‘ Parody Is So Amazing Even HE Loved It

Every musician has to develop their own identifiable sound, that ‘s how you become recognizable and garner a fan base and ultimately take over the world as a music god. While this is what launches artists into fame and fortune, this also opens them up to getting (nicely) roasted by those who listen to their work.

Fan-made “how to write a [insert band name here] song ‘ videos are not a new concept, people have made them about Alt-J and Billie Eilish and countless other musicians, but not all of these parodies are as perfect as this one. Seattle-based musician Nat Puff AKA Left At London posted a video on Twitter detailing step by step how to make a Tyler, the Creator song.

Her hilarious tutorial opens with, “first start with a shitty piano and pick a fucking chord, ‘ and only gets better from there.

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