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‘I Think You Should Leave ‘ Is Insane And Hysterical And Everyone Needs To See It

Whether you ‘re already a fan of sketch comedy or you ‘re just tired of scrolling through Netflix titles and are looking for a guaranteed laugh, I Think You Should Leave is definitely the answer. The new sketch series from SNL alumnus Tim Robinson is as absurd as it is brilliant, and plays with tension and embarrassment enough to be effective but not so much that it feels cringeworthy. It features an incredible roster of other familiar faces from Saturday Night Live like Cecily Strong, Will Forte, and Andy Samberg, and the episodes are only 18 minutes long each so it ‘s perfect for binge-watching!

Literally everyone in our office has watched it and we can ‘t stop talking about it, so here are a few of our favorite sketches.

Baby of the Year

One of the first sketches in season 1, “Baby of the Year ‘ is based around exactly that: which baby will be named the best baby of the year? It combines the flashiness of game shows, beauty pageants (which are weird as hell all on their own), and the completely unhinged and belligerent energy of daytime tv programs like Maury Povich ‘ in other words, all things that have absolutely no business being together, which makes for a sketch that is beyond ridiculous and a laugh riot from start to finish.

The Gift Receipt

Gift giving isn ‘t easy for everybody, especially when the gift you bought is being opened alongside a bunch of others, and probably in front of a bit of a crowd. At one time in our lives I ‘m sure all of us have felt insecure about a present we bought for someone. Is it thoughtful enough? Is it, like, weirdly thoughtful? Do they even like that color? Is it too corny? Honestly, unless you ‘re given a registry, gifting is kind of always a crapshoot. And sure, people will be polite and say they like your gift… but do they really??? This sketch shows just how far one man is willing to go to find out. (Spoiler: it ‘s far. He goes so far. Shit gets weird so fast)

The Most Intense Airline Passenger

Who knew one of the most impassioned tales of revenge could revolve around a simple commercial flight? Well, if you ‘ve ever been stuck next to someone particularly annoying on a long plane trip, this sketch miiiiight not actually seem that unreasonable.

The Ghost of Christmas Way-Future

We all know A Christmas Carol, Charles Dickens ‘ classic story of a greedy old rich guy who changes his ways and becomes less of a piece of shit after three ghosts break into his house on Christmas and essentially threaten his life. In every adaptation of the story that ‘s been made over the years, the Ghost of Christmas Future ‘s MO was always the same thing: show Scrooge his own future and how he ‘s gonna die alone. But that ‘s a pretty boring place to leave things, isn ‘t it??? Like come on, if somebody ‘s gonna show up from the future then why not someone from way in the future, with more important shit to deal with than being Scrooge ‘s conscience. Like EPIC BATTLES AGAINST BONE MONSTERS FOR THE FATE OF THE WORLD.

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