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Parrot Arrested After Warning Brazilian Drug Dealers About A Raid Because He ‘s Not A Narc

They say that dogs are man ‘s best friend, and that ‘s definitely true. There ‘s almost nothing a dog wouldn ‘t do for its owner, and they ‘re honestly more reliable than human friends a lot of the time. But it looks like there ‘s another animal who ‘s also earned the title of certified ride-or-die companion.

Brazilian police made an unconventional arrest during a drug bust when the dealers were tipped off that the fuzz had showed up ‘ by a parrot. Apparently the bird, who has yet to give up his name, was the designated lookout for this operation and once he spotted the cops, yelled out, “Mama, police! ‘

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One police officer involved in the bust said, “he must have been trained for this, ‘ which I think kind of goes without saying. I ‘m not an expert but I ‘m pretty sure parrots aren ‘t naturally drawn to a life of crime out in the wild. I could be wrong, though. Polly want a cracker? More like Polly wanna hustle and get that paper.

The parrot was arrested and held in police custody apart from the other perpetrators, but they couldn ‘t make this birdy sing. He kept his beak shut the whole time, refusing to cooperate or even utter so much as a squawk to the police, the local press, or the veterinarians.

Once they realized he wasn ‘t going to break, the police contacted a nearby zoo and arranged for the parrot ‘s transfer. It ‘s hard to say whether he ‘ll turn over a new feather and give up crime for good, or take a new generation of gangster birds under his wing and start running things from the inside.

In any case, this parrot has really set the standard for loyal pets. Yeah, sure, your dog comes when you call, but would he go to jail for you?

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