By: Nick Major


One Away: A Comedic Short

The following is an inspiring, fake story based on nothing. A story about two normal men who did something incredible for a man in need.

How far would you go to make the final sale of the night… if you were ONE sale away from the goal?


Starring: ‘Nick Major ‘| ‘Steven Bryan Jackson ‘| ‘Tony Vivio

Directed by: ‘Geoff Plitt

Written & Edited by: Nick Major

Assistant Director: ‘Sara Farag
Lighting: ‘Cesar Antonio Martinez
Audio: ‘Gabriela Ruiz
Director of Photography: ‘Geoff Plitt
BTS: ‘Xavier J Thomas
Script supervisor: ‘Yolynda Rayas
Slate: ‘Miguel Maldonado-Velasco ‘| George Duvanov

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