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This Woman Is Taking A Big Bite Out Of The Ocean ‘s Plastic And We Are Onboard

Claire Parker tries to save whales from pollution with the help of her dad ‘s money. Written by and starring Claire Parker, produced by Sharkdrill.


Plastic is a bane of our existence.

It costs tons of oil to produce, it doesn ‘t biodegrade in the environment, it encourages wasteful lifestyles, and, on top of that, you can ‘t eat it.

Or can you?

Given that plastic bags take literally years to decompose, and given that there has been a spate of dead whales recently that were found to be literally stuffed with pounds of plastic ‘ ‘something has to change. We have to do better. We need innovative solutions.

And we need to hoist up and celebrate the pioneers who are out there making a difference. Or, if they ‘re not making a difference, they ‘re at least thinking about it real hard, and, as in the case of Claire Parker, not just thinking about it, but actually trying to do something about it.

Is what she ‘s proposing going to work?

No. That ‘s not the point. The point is to get going. Action leads to clarity. Conceive it, achieve it, team. The dreamwork makes the team twerk.

No one said it would be easy, but if we work hard, if we believe in our selves, if we make enough smoothies with plastic in them, then WE CAN EAT PLASTIC.

This 100% BPA-free jolt of innovation comes to you from Claire Parker.


Starring Claire Parker

Produced by Sharkdrill.

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