By: Sloane Hughes

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This Hilarious 90 ‘s Makeup Tutorial Legit Gave Me War Flashbacks

The 90 ‘s were a special, special time. It was a decade that gifted us with great hip-hop and top tier boy bands, the best after school cartoons, and some primo slang ‘ can we please start saying “talk to the hand ‘ again? I think it ‘s time to bring that back.

However, the 90 ‘s were also possibly the worst years in human history when it comes to fashion and makeup trends. Offensively bright blue eyeshadow all the way up to extremely overplucked eyebrows and disastrous hairstyles held together by extra strong hairspray, a thousand bobby pins, and prayer as far as the eye could see. It was a time of reckless abandon and body glitter.

Whether you layered abrasively patterned spaghetti straps overtop of t-shirts or had frosted tips, we all made our fair share of bad fashion choices. But at least we went through it together, and thankfully 90 ‘s technology (or lack of) made it pretty easy to leave in the past. Things like Instagram and YouTube didn ‘t exist, so luckily there ‘s no embarrassing photos of you in head to toe denim floating around in cyberspace. But what if social media was around back then? What if the 90 ‘s had influencers and vloggers?

Well, it would probably look a lot like this.

Makeup artist and beauty blogger Jaime French created the ultimate throwback video for anyone who lived through the 90 ‘s, and it ‘s upsettingly good. Like, she even has a lava lamp. Step by step she walks us through how to create the ~ perfect ~ 90 ‘s makeup look, starting with that horrifying cake foundation we all used to wear, all the way through to creating the dopest zig-zag hair part. So bust out your Great Lash mascara, throw on some Backstreet Boys, and get ready to relive the absolute worst trends of your life.

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