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It ‘s ‘Mean Girls ‘ Day So Here Are Some Gifs That Are Totally FETCH

Mean Girls premiered in 2004 on the 30th of April, but as every fan of this iconic movie knows, the most important Mean Girls calendar date isn ‘t April 30th ‘ it ‘s October third. If you ‘ve never seen it you ‘re probably asking, “what ‘s the big deal about October third? ‘ To which I say, first of all, why the hell haven ‘t you seen Mean Girls yet?? Secondly, it is the most holy of days because it was the day Aaron Samuels asked Cady what day it was,

And she flawlessly responded, “It ‘s October third. ‘

That ‘s it. That ‘s the whole reason.

Mean Girls shaped early 2000 ‘s culture and deserves a place in the Smithsonian ‘s archives, and to honor this most blessed day, here are some of the film ‘s other great moments that we should all take today to reflect on and appreciate.

The only acceptable way to pick up your friends on your way to the mall

“Oh my god, Karen, you can ‘t just ask people why they ‘re white ‘

The ultimate way to clear someone out of a room

This entire dance sequence

No, not that one, this dance sequence

She ‘s not like regular moms, she ‘s a cool mom

The most effective insult in as few words as possible

Which resulted in one of the best reactions ever

Watching Gretchen try so desperately to make ‘fetch ‘ happen only to be shut down by Regina every time

And then the satisfaction of watching her finally explode

“We should all just STAB CAESAR ‘

Literally anytime Janis was on screen

The gym scene where everyone was forced into sharing mostly backhanded apologies, except this girl

And the follow-up, which is probably the best quote in the entire movie


This is what it ‘s like to watch ‘Mean Girls ‘ for the first time, while drinking.

Tam Watches ‘Mean Girls ‘ For The First Time

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