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When You Finally Figure Out Why You ‘re Having D ‘j ‘ Vu

D ‘j ‘ vu is that weird feeling you get sometimes

You know the one. The feeling of “I ‘ve seen this before, ‘ or of “I ‘ve been here before, ‘ or of “I ‘ve eaten this exact bacon-gouda quesadilla before. ‘ It ‘s that creepy sensation that sort of escapes description; sort of like walking through a ghost place, or tasting the memory of a shade of sound. And that ‘s exactly what Ahmed feels as he rounds a corner in the guys ‘ apartment to find Ryan and Jack in the middle of changing a lightbulb the only way they ‘ve ever learned to: with Ryan hoisting Jack up and carrying him like a beautiful, blond-haired, exceedingly handy-around-the-house potted plant.

At first, Ahmed stops short. He can ‘t believe what he ‘s seeing, so asks, “Whoa, have you guys done this before? ‘ As the guys try to figure out if they ‘ve done this before (they haven ‘t) or if they ‘ve been in this position before (nah, can ‘t think of anything) Ahmed needs ‘ ‘no, DESERVES ‘ more clarification, and leads them around the house to figure out just where he ‘s seen the guys do this before.

Was it changing these batteries?

Ahmed ‘s not convinced

Was it when Jack furiously wanted to empty some tennis balls?

Naaaah still not it

Was it when Ryan asked Jack to rummage generally in a kitchen cabinet?

Uhhhhhh….. no…..

Then it has to be when Jack and Ryan pleaded with a parking garage, right?

Not quite, no.

The heck was it then??

Because d ‘j ‘ vu doesn ‘t just happen. There ‘s a reason. And while scientists still aren ‘t exactly sure what causes it, they have narrowed it down to a few possibilities.

  • You ‘ve been somewhere similar before
  • You travel a lot ‘
  • Something ‘s up with your brain

Thanks, science!

So while Ahmed, Ryan, and Jack search high and low in the great City of Windy Angels to find the answer, they may realize at the end of that journey that the d ‘j ‘ vu was in the them the entire time.


Starring: Ahmed Bharoocha, Ryan O ‘Flanagan, and Jack Robichaud
Direction and Cinematography by John Hale And Maureen Bharoocha
Produced by Dead Kevin Sketch

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