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Two Cops Single-Handedly Reinvent Grieving Scenes And I Want It In Every Show Now

When two cops break tough news to a couple about the tragic and unexpected death of their son, they hold out against the grieving mother ‘s sobs for as long as they can before they offer the only thing in the entire damn world that comforts someone faced with unimaginable loss: tap water.


Grieving makes you really thirsty.

At least that ‘s what Big Water wants you to think. Why? Because Big Water is in a battle against Big Psychiatry. In Big Psychiatry ‘s view, grieving should last a long time. Dr. Elisabeth K ‘bler-Ross, the famed Swiss psychiatrist who first noticed patterns in her patients ‘ grieving, summed it up nicely with her “five stages of grieving ‘ discovery. Big Water doesn ‘t have time for that. Big Water wants to cut things short and skip all that crap and cure yourself of your weak-ass feelings with a glass of that H-two-oooh-screw-emotions.

So obviously Big Water is working with Big Hollywood. Because that ‘s where these images and scenes play out, which is what Michael Merton of Extra Tartar identifies so well in this sketch. Regardless of the fact that it ‘s absolutely true ‘ who among us hasn ‘t wailed in despair only to have that despair quenched in a single sip of nice, room-temperature, straight-from-the-tap, liquid comfort soothing your broken soul? Regardless of all that ‘ the real, deep down truth is that we humans just feel better clutching glassware.

BUT WAIT. That ‘s what Big Glassware wants you to think. Which is why Big Bakery is fighting back.

This heartbreakingly good sketch comes to you via Extra Tartar Productions.


“Sorry for Your Loss ‘
Extra Tartar Productions

Produced, Written and Edited by Michael Merton
Directed by Noboru Ito
Director of Photography: Mannon Butt
Sound: Lincoln Morrison
Detective 1’Michael Dempsey
Detective 2’Anthony Marquez
Mother” ‘Nancy Van Iderstine
Father” ‘Michael Merton
Wife”’Ella James
Children”Katie Robinson, Jack Robinson, Sava Robinson
Gaffer/Grip/Best Boy/Hot Chick on Set: Cricket Yee
Craft Service/Gofer/Set Dressing/Emotional Support: Donaco Smyth

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